Shiloh Shelters

Additional Information

LOFT 218 is excited about its new partnership with Shiloh Shelters Project, a ministry that shares the same heartbeat as ours.

With this new partnership LOFT 218 is currently supporting 11 girls.  These girls each have their own unique story... Some found in the trash; Some rescued from a brothel; Some rescued from being a work slave; and Some just unwanted simply because they are a girl.

While their stories are heartbreaking, and hard to hear, they are no longer defined by their stories.  They have been given hope, love, and most importantly a family! 

Their stories of redemption are amazing.  For example... some of the girls would not even talk when they first came in the home, they were anti-social, and not doing well in school.

But now the girls are happy, talking A LOT, singing, dancing, and doing well in school.  One of our partner Moms even said, "It is like the girls are regaining their childhood innocence back." 

Join us in making a difference in the lives of these 11 girls and prayerfully more!